“Love can distort its face ’til we barely recognize it, can look so bad that we cringe in its presence. Sometimes love doesn’t last for the long haul but offers one last solution: parting. And when love is ugly, people cry hysterically under covers or in abandoned parking lots. They shake their fists at the sky and ask too many questions and afterwards, they curl up and hide. They learn to become ugly, too. They doubt. They make bold announcements like: “Never again!” Yet in the middle of their grand conclusions, love will show up by their side once more, new and freshly shaven. It’ll cup their hardened hearts and plant a hundred kisses, whispering “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry” until the flowers learn to grow again.”
— Isa Garcia (A Coat Rack Kind of Love)

→ Jul 26 2012 / PERMALINK

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