pronunciation | tsUn-‘dO-kU submitted by | chrysalismm submit words | hereJapanese script | 積ん読 kanji, つんどく hiragana


pronunciation | tsUn-‘dO-kU 
submitted by | chrysalismm
submit words | here
Japanese script | 積ん読 kanji, つんどく hiragana

→ Jul 26 2012 / PERMALINK

→ May 11 2012 / PERMALINK

Dear Bias,


There are almost 7 billion other people you could choose from besides me. I’m 1 in a million billion billions and even the chances of me even talking to you is incredibly low. Me being unlucky doesn’t help either.

Even if I could just talk to you as a friend. A person you don’t need to talk to but a person you want to talk to. So, destiny, have mercy on me.

Your #1 fan. 

→ Aug 8 2011 / PERMALINK