SnarkyRookie Changmin degrading his seniors, taking them all by surprise

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The awkward moment when you’re the only one who doesn’t get the joke.

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Jaemin war part II

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Handwriting Analysis: Slant



DIRECTIONS: Look at the chart to measure how far you slant. Slant reveals the degree to which you express your real emotional feelings to others, depending on your mood. (Does not matter if you’re left-handed or right-handed)


  • Slant A — Emotionally ill. Totally emotionally repressed (keeps back) and locked up in his or her own world. Cannot be reached. Leans over backward to avoid emotional situations. Past- and self-oriented. (Among convicted rapists, there is a preponderance of leftward slanters. An inability to properly express real feelings.)
  • Slant B — Represses (keeps back) real emotional feelings. Appears cold, evasive (avoids answering directly), and self-absorbed. Independent, hard to fathom (understand), and difficult to get along with.
  • Slant C — Represses real emotional feelings. Cool exterior masks inhibited reactions. Diplomatic, reserved, not straightforward. (This is saying that how you react on the outside isn’t really how you feel on the inside; you put a mask on.)

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try to remember what you did with your free time before tumblr



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So Changmin’s fans don’t have a name.


And I’ve thought long and hard about it and I think we should be called deatheaters.

Because…we follow our leader Voldemin.



I rest my case.

This is what I’m calling us…unless they actually have another name, but I still will probably call us this because…lol.

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  • T-ara :Bully new member.
  • Super Junior :Bullied by new member.
  • Infinite:Bully the leader.
  • B.A.P:Bullied by cordi noona.
  • Bom:Bully everyone.
  • MBLAQ:Bully Joon, who doesn't realize he's being bullied.
  • EXO:Bullied by fans.
  • DBSK:Bully Junsu.

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  • going to school:late
  • going to a doctors appointment:late
  • going to a dentist appointment:late
  • going to my friends house:late
  • going to a party:late
  • going to a concert:8 hours early.

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So everyone should follow this tumblog.

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(1 note) GO GO GO HAHAHA

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