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Dear all,

I know that more than half you started following me back when I was making crappy ~word arts~ and you might have noticed that my posts now are 100% different from then. I do not know when I stopped posting word arts and just kept on reblogging stuff from different fandoms. But from now on, this blog will be KPOP-centric.

I’m not sure when I suddenly got back into KPOP and forgot my other favorites but yeah. You might have noticed that I reblog nothing but ChangMin these days. So basically, I just want you to all know that from now on, I’ll be posting 95% KPOP, mostly DBSK. The other 5% will be Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf and Harry Potter. Yeah.

I’m just saying all this because I know that probably 90% of you guys do not like KPOP and some are completely thrown off by it. I understand. And I also wouldn’t mind if you’d think of unfollowing. No hard feelings. ;) But if you’d stay, thank you. And here’s a dancing ChangMin for you:

For personal posts and whatnot, I post on ohmydrivel. That is all. Thank you! :)

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Forehead kisses. Heeeee.


Forehead kisses. Heeeee.

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I failed to finish my Photography Project 365 when I got too lazy to upload my photos and Pooch’s kit lens stopped functioning properly. (But I bought a new lens yesterday so yay.) It made me sad that I just can’t seem to do anything consistently for more than a year. That’s when I decided to try something else. Since I write and think more than I take photos, I decided to write down my thoughts everyday. And limit it to one sentence. And one word art.

I’m not even sue why I’m explaining myself but I’ll be tagging it ‘TOTS 365’ because I’m uncreative like that. But it will be full of keso and random shizz. Erm.

I’ll start today. Okay, let’s see how it goes. 

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