“Sometimes the right song cues up with the right moment and your life will feel like a movie. Those moments are special and sweet. They allow us leave reality for awhile, but they won’t be the defining moment of a relationship. Because the song will end and real life will come flooding back and then you’re just two people again, smooching and popping blackheads.”
— Ryan O’Conell (What You Want Love to Feel Like)

→ Aug 12 2011 / PERMALINK

“Sometimes, a man can fall in love. It happens. It’s a wonderful thing, sometimes. But something about love in this day and age fills people with more anxiety than hope. We have to watch out for ourselves, earn enough money, be attractive enough, be socially adjusted, be interesting, and have the courage to date. And fail. And to try again. All this must be done in the face of statistics pointing to the fact that more and more marriages and families are falling apart than ever before.”

→ May 24 2011 / PERMALINK