“Sherlock proves that you don’t need 13 or 22 episodes in a series to create a show you can invest in emotionally.”

#sherlock proves that you don’t need 13 or 22 episodes of a series to send you spiraling into the depths of despair

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My life is a struggle between wanting to watch what I haven’t yet watched and wanting to rewatch what I have

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“You’re making a choice: essentially what you’re saying (or what I’m saying) is that sometimes you’re more interested in fiction than in reality and you don’t care who knows it. You’re saying, I’m willing to chuck most or probably all of my dignity, and some measure of my personal safety, and your personal safety, because it’s more important to me to keep reading this book I’m reading than it is to look where I’m going.”

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“‘It is dangerous to condemn stories as junk which satisfy the deep hunger of millions of people. These books are not literary art, but a great deal of what is acclaimed as literary art in our time offers no comfort or fulfillment to anybody.’”
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